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Special Oneness Deepening Nov-Dec 2012/India

Oneness Special Deepening Participants

In an unprecedented historical occurrence, 1200 people from all over the globe attended a Special Deepening Process at Oneness University from Nov 22 – Dec 22, 2012.

This fragment of the human family was there to awaken to the Divine in all that is; and to attain the capacity to help the Divine in awakening all of humanity. We expect that over the next 20-30 years, there will be  a flowering of human consciousness which will lead to an end to human suffering.

As the guides announced names of countries and participants on the last day, the temple exploded in joy.  We celebrated each other in the recognition that humanity is on the verge of a great shift and that we all will be able to help.   Tears of joy flowed freely.


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