Supporting Awakened Consciousness in the Eastbay

Oneness Meditation “OM” Events at Lake Merritt Church



On Thursday, July 12, 2012, Patricia Keel will offer Oneness Meditation at Lake Merritt Church. Patricia is a newly initiated Oneness Meditator.  She also is a Unity Minister and a bright light.  Join us at 7:00 p.m. for this deeply sacred journey into Awakened consciousness.

Location: Lake Merritt Church, 1330 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606


By now, you may have heard that so far Sri Amma Bhagavan has designated a number of people worldwide to share the Oneness Meditation Blessing.  In the Bay Area, our beloved Peter Beach is among them.

Peter is sharing this beautiful gift and is in demand around the country. We have booked Peter to share the Oneness Meditation in each of the following upcoming months at the Lake Merritt Oneness circle:


June 21

July 19

August 16

September 27

October 18

 Participate in Oneness Meditation events as often as possible.  This auspicious blessing has a cumulative effect. It awakens the kundalini energy and seeds the awakening process.


Peter embarked on his spiritual journey when he was 18 and has practiced and taught meditation ever since. He met Sri Bhagavan in 2009. A year after that, Sri Bhagavan declared Peter fully awake.  He lives a “normal” life with a career in law, family and friends. He and his wife are Oneness Trainers who regularly offer Oneness events. He donates legal services to Oneness University and other spiritual organizations and together with his wife Thayer, operates World Oneness Foundation.

Find information about other Bay Area Oneness Meditation at

Previous Events

March 1, Oneness Meditation with Dougji at Lake Merritt Church

The Bay Area is in for a real treat.  The Oneness Meditation (OM) Tour is coming our way this week.  Beginning with gatherings in San Jose, San Mateo and Fremont, we will be showered with grace. Many of the venues are booked to capacity.  More than 125 people have registered for the Lake Merritt Oneness event next week on March 1.  If you haven’t registered, go to  Feel free to bring friends and family after you have reserved their spaces.  We are likely to have a full house.


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