Supporting Awakened Consciousness in the Eastbay

What is the Oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing (also known as Deeksha or Diksha) is a benediction that initiates a journey into higher states of consciousness. It is a transmission of Divine energy that affects different lobes of the brain, reducing stress and intensifying love, joy and awareness.

The Oneness Blessing is not a concept, nor a religion, nor does it promote any required beliefs. Each recipient of the energy brings to the experience their own concepts of the Ultimate, be they religious, scientific, divine, or non-specific.

What happens during a Oneness Blessing?

During the Oneness Blessing, a person may have different experiences. Some people experience very strong physical sensations, some gain clarity on longstanding issues or problems, some weep, some laugh, some have physical or emotional healing. Some people do not have any discernible experience during the Oneness Blessing, yet they begin to experience more peace and a general sense of wellbeing afterwards.  Each personality is unique and responds to the energy differently.

Millions of people across the globe have experienced the calming and awakening effects of Oneness Deeksha. The more Oneness Blessing one receives, the more the energy expands. Sustained experience of Oneness Blessings diminishes one’s personal human suffering.

How is it possible for Oneness Blessing Givers to give transmissions?

Oneness Blessing Givers are ordinary people who have undergone processes offered through Oneness University in India.  They are channels, not the Source of the energy. Through teachings, silence, ritual, and the repeated gift of the Oneness Blessing, they have become conduits for this divine Grace.  Some have gone on to become Oneness Trainers and support the awakening of oneness consciousness in others through teachings, processes, rituals, silence and serving as conduits for the Oneness Blessing.


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