Supporting Awakened Consciousness in the Eastbay

Join Us!

Lake Merritt Oneness connects with people and spiritual groups of all types who are working towards the emerging consciousness of oneness that is central to our planetary survival and human evolution. The consciousness of oneness is an awareness of the unity and the interconnectedness of all of life.

Oneness permeates all of existence.  It is the life force that creates, animates, sustains and destroys everything. Out of oneness comes the expression of diversity, multiplicity, variety, uniqueness. Oneness is not about making everyone embrace the same system of belief, doctrine or tradition but is a process of discovering the truth that is inherent in every tradition. Oneness as a concept is beautiful. As an experience, it is phenomenal.

Join us anytime to experience this evening of Grace, meditation and blessing. Bring a friend. Stay afterwards, if you like, to enjoy snacks and tea and share experiences. This is a warm, inviting group. All are welcome to experience the Oneness Blessing in community. There is no charge, however, we do accept donations to assist with operating expenses and rental fees.


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