Supporting Awakened Consciousness in the Eastbay

You don’t want to miss this powerful event.  As we countdown to the end of  2012, a monumental “Shift” is taking place.  People are  Awakening in record numbers across the globe.  According to Oneness University, the number of Awakened Beings on the planet at this time from all spiritual paths and walks of life is 114,000.  In our own community, we are witnessing the Awakening.  To facilitate this process in the Bay Area, a series of events is planned for Nov 8-11.  We will meet people who have had a permanent shift into the consciousness of Oneness, receive Divine intervention (Deeksha) from them and hear about their personal experiences of Awakening.  We also have invited a number of Oneness Meditators to join the event and share this amazing Divine transmission of energy through the eyes.

Click on the link below to reserve your space.  Bring four or five of your close friends.  We’ll see you there.

Gwendolyn Mitchell


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